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ID Author Firstname Author Lastname FM Member Name Second Author First
Second Author Last
Genre Book Title Link Word Count Release Date Language Anthology?
41 Connie Cockrell ConnieCockrell scifi The Challenge Click to Visit 59,203 03-22-2014 english no
42 David Bridger David Bridger ya Gifted Click to Visit 97,290 May 1 2014 english no
43 Connie Cockrell ConnieCockrell scifi Hard Choices Click to Visit 54,126 05-17-2014 english no
44 Barb Caffrey barbcaffrey urbanfan An Elfy on the Loose Click to Visit 115,000 04-10-2014 english no
45 Barb Caffrey barbcaffrey Michael Caffrey scifi A Dark and Stormy Night Click to Visit 14,000 11-27-2013 english no
46 Barb Caffrey barbcaffrey Michael Caffrey scifi On Westmount Station Click to Visit 10,000 11-30-2013 english no
47 Barb Caffrey barbcaffrey scifi How Beer Saved the World Click to Visit 85,000 04-27-2013 english yes
48 Barb Caffrey barbcaffrey scifi Stars of Darkover Click to Visit 100,000 06-02-2014 english yes
49 Connie Cockrell ConnieCockrell scifi Revolution Click to Visit 54,636 08-02-2014 english no
50 Connie Cockrell ConnieCockrell scifi First Encounter Click to Visit 22,00 09-02-2014 english no
51 Deb Salisbury Magic Seeker nonfiction The Art of the Mantua-Maker: 1870 - 1879 Fashion, Sewing, and Clothes Care Advice Click to Visit 152000 2014 english no
52 DJ Salisbury Magic Seeker fantasy Feda's Anchor Click to Visit 81000 2014 english no
53 Margaret McGaffey Fisk MarFisk ya, steampunk Secrets (The Steamship Chronicles, Book One) Click to Visit 54,000 07-10-2014 english no
54 Margaret McGaffey Fisk MarFisk romance, histrom A Country Masquerade (Uncommon Lords and Ladies, Book Two) Click to Visit 82,000 10-29-2014 english no
55 Margaret McGaffey Fisk MarFisk fantasy, epicfan Forged Click to Visit 5,000 08-20-2014 english no
56 Margaret McGaffey Fisk MarFisk ya, steampunk Threats (The Steamship Chronicles, Book 2) Click to Visit 53,000 12-15-2014 english no
57 Margaret McGaffey Fisk MarFisk ya, scifi Trainee (Seeds Among the Stars, Book 2) Click to Visit 100,000 03-31-2015 english no
58 Margaret McGaffey Fisk MarFisk steampunk Gifts (The Steamship Chronicles, Book Three) Click to Visit 53,000 07-17-2015 english no
59 DJ Salisbury Magic Seeker fantasy Illusion's Child Click to Visit 81000 2015 english no
60 Margaret McGaffey Fisk MarFisk romance, histrom An Innocent Secret (Uncommon Lords and Ladies, Book Three) Click to Visit 80,000 10-31-2015 english no

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