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Margaret McGaffey Fisk
Sunday, 08 January 2017 00:24

Author Firstname:   Margaret
Author Lastname:   McGaffey Fisk
FM Member Name:   MarFisk
Second Author First Name:   N/A
Second Author Last Name:   N/A
Book Title:   When the Shoe Won't Fit
Genre:   fantasy, scifi
Cover Blurb:   Just because it’s always been that way doesn’t make it right.

Teased by the young fairies for her clumsiness and large feet, Tiptoe believes she’s a failure as a fairy. She’s confined to the nursery where only the babies can see her, and every time she leaves it, it’s all Tiptoe can do to avoid damaging the fairy village.

Then a special prince is added to her charges, and she starts to question
Word Count:   5200
Price:   $0.99
Language:   english
Release Date:   7-01-2016
Anthology?:   no

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