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Margaret McGaffey Fisk
Saturday, 09 April 2016 22:56

Author Firstname:   Margaret
Author Lastname:   McGaffey Fisk
FM Member Name:   MarFisk
Second Author First Name:   N/A
Second Author Last Name:   N/A
Book Title:   The Captain's Chair (a standalone short work in the Seeds Among the Stars universe)
Genre:   scifi
Cover Blurb:   Samantha Marsdom has grand plans to expand the starship she inherited from her father into a profitable indie trader fleet. She has much to prove to herself and her father’s crew, but the path has not been easy. Still, her reputation is growing, and when a prime job comes her way, she’s eager to show the crew, and her childhood friend, she has what it takes.
Word Count:   9,500
Price:   $0.99
Language:   english
Release Date:   3-16-2016
Anthology?:   no

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