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Barb Caffrey
Saturday, 07 June 2014 23:38

Author Firstname:   Barb
Author Lastname:   Caffrey
FM Member Name:   barbcaffrey
Second Author First Name:   N/A
Second Author Last Name:   N/A
Book Title:   How Beer Saved the World
Genre:   scifi
Cover Blurb:   And on the Eighth Day God Created Beer.

Beer is what separates humans from animals… unless you have too much.
Seriously, anthropologists, archeologists, and sociologists seem to think that when humans first emerged on earth as human, they possessed fire, language, a sense of spirituality, and beer.
Within these pages are quirky, silly, and downright strange stories sure to delight and entertain.
Word Count:   85,000
Price:   4.99
Language:   english
Release Date:   04-27-2013
Anthology?:   yes

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