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Barb Caffrey
Saturday, 07 June 2014 23:35

Author Firstname:   Barb
Author Lastname:   Caffrey
FM Member Name:   barbcaffrey
Second Author First Name:   Michael
Second Author Last Name:   Caffrey
Book Title:   On Westmount Station
Genre:   scifi
Cover Blurb:   Newly-minted Lieutenant Joey Maverick of the Atlantean Union is finally about to head out into space and is waiting at Westmount Royal Naval Station for ship assignment. Joey thinks no adventure is possible on Westmount Station, but he couldn't be more wrong...there's treachery afoot, black treachery, and it's up to Joey and his temporary crewmates to stop a saboteur before it's too late!
Word Count:   10,000
Price:   1.99
Language:   english
Release Date:   11-30-2013
Anthology?:   no

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