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Barb Caffrey
Saturday, 07 June 2014 23:34

Author Firstname:   Barb
Author Lastname:   Caffrey
FM Member Name:   barbcaffrey
Second Author First Name:   Michael
Second Author Last Name:   Caffrey
Book Title:   A Dark and Stormy Night
Genre:   scifi
Cover Blurb:   Joey Maverick, a young Ensign in the Atlantean Union, takes part in a low-tech sailing regatta right before he's supposed to ship out for space. A storm hits, causing Maverick to take command of his ship and mount a rescue mission. Along the way he picks up stranded nurse Belinda Simpson and many others. Sparks fly while the tension mounts...what will be the outcome of this dark and stormy night?
Word Count:   14,000
Price:   1.99
Language:   english
Release Date:   11-27-2013
Anthology?:   no

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