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Erin Z.
Monday, 22 July 2013 18:00

Author Firstname:   Erin
Author Lastname:   Zarro
FM Member Name:   crimson_angel
Second Author First Name:   N/A
Second Author Last Name:   N/A
Book Title:   Fey Touched
Genre:   other
Cover Blurb:   Asha is a genetically-engineered immortal Fey Queen running from her people.

Fallon is a Hunter searching through the stream of time to find her missing sister.

Joe is also a Hunter who is intrigued by Asha and decides not to kill her on sight, as is his right.

But the Hunters are dying of a mysterious illness and only Asha can save them - if Fallon can find her in time.
Word Count:   129,000
Price:   $2.99
Language:   english
Release Date:   08/01/2012
Anthology?:   no

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