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Connie Cockrell
Saturday, 20 July 2013 21:22

Author Firstname:   Connie
Author Lastname:   Cockrell
FM Member Name:   ConnieCockrell
Second Author First Name:   N/A
Second Author Last Name:   N/A
Book Title:   The Bad Seed
Genre:   althistory
Cover Blurb:   Multinational Corporations have been making genetically modified seed for years. They've pressured international organizations like the World Bank and the World Trade Organization to force client nations to buy the genetically engineered seed. Around the world people have protested against having to use this seed but there hasn't been any real organization around the protests. Willa Hays is just an ordinary wife and mother. Her granddaughter is sick and the worlds' food crops are in danger of being wiped out entirely. What can she do to stop the multinationals from ruining the planet?
Word Count:   N/A
Price:   N/A
Language:   english
Release Date:   October 2012
Anthology?:   no

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