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Jennifer R. Povey
Monday, 01 July 2013 13:03

Author Firstname:   Jennifer R.
Author Lastname:   Povey
FM Member Name:   NinjaFingers
Second Author First Name:   Bill
Second Author Last Name:   Tucker
Book Title:   Zombiality: A Queer Bent on the Undead
Genre:   horror
Cover Blurb:   Zombiality: A queer bent on the undead. "Zombies do't' care who you love ... they want to eat us all." This book contains 28 stories with a perspective on zombies never quite imagined before. These stories reflect a variety of queered lives and experiences and explor the depths of what a zombie is. From the traditional to the fantastical, these stories are sure to entertain all of humankind.
Word Count:   N/A
Price:   Kindle: 2.99, paperback 14.56
Language:   english
Release Date:   N/A
Anthology?:   yes

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