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In October of 2012, Forward Motion for Writers made a drastic leap to a new site system.  This meant abandoning more than a decade of posts and information on the older system which could no longer be updated to meet current php standards.

The new site requires that you start a new account.  Most of the old site has been recreated, and I hope you'll help us fill the boards with new and fun information.


This is a site filled with people who are following the treacherous path towards publication. This isn't an easy hike, but our members willing to help. This is also a place where you can share both the joys and the insanity of writing with those who understand what you are talking about.

While the site spent many years dedicated to reaching traditional publication, the world of publishing has changed drastically since the site first began in 1998. Starting in 2011 we have added a new Indie Publishing section in Forward Motion. This is the place to learn the best way to approach self-publication in the changing world -- how to use it to your advantage and not waste your hard work and written material.

The site does not allow the posting or discussion of fanfiction. That doesn't mean that if you write fanfiction (several of our members do) that you won't find ways in which to improve your writing ability.

Belonging to Forward Motion is free, and includes everything you find on the site, from critique circles to classes. Forward Motion has undergone numerous changes through the years, but the site remains true to its purpose of 'writers helping writers.

Forward Motion is a large site. We recommend that you start out with just a couple boards -- things like Newcomers, the Main Board, perhaps Roving Crits and one of the genre boards. Wander around and find what interests you. If a board seems abandoned, post and see if others join in. Sometimes, that's all it takes to draw people back!


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