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TOPIC: Webcomic Author -- Freelance Artist & Writer -- Forum Noob! (Sierra J)

Webcomic Author -- Freelance Artist & Writer -- Forum Noob! (Sierra J) 8 years 2 months ago #39564

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Hello, I'm Sierra J. I don't have a lot of professional experience, but I've always enjoyed art and writing. I'm here to explore the craft a little more and learn from an active forum community. I'd also like to contribute from an artist's perspective, and share some thoughts on how art can help conceptualize and inspire stories.

My main long-term writing project right now is a fantasy/conspiracy-drama webcomic called MOROCHEY. It takes place on an Earth-like planet that has a rich tradition of crystal-based elemental magic. It's set in a time in which the magics, and the traditions surrounding them, are struggling to survive in the rapidly modernizing world. Though the actual production of the comic has slowed in recent months, it already has two completed Seasons worth of content, with a third Season in progress now.

Though, being a comic, Morochey isn't quite as verbose as a novel, writing it still comes with lots of the joys and pitfalls of its Genre. The fantasy aspects present the challenge of explaining lore in a way that keeps the reader's attention, and makes things clear, without distracting from the story. The plot, which revolves around the "Mystic Crystals, Money, and Men in Black" in the tagline, makes it tough to balance suspense and event-resolution. As for the personal dramas in my characters' lives... well, less is probably more, but for someone with a roleplaying background it's hard to keep away from! :blush: In spite of the story-struggles that pop up, it really is a lot of fun to share this little slice of alternate reality with the world! And after all, what's writing for if not to let readers peek into these little faerie places that went and built themselves in our brains?

Other writing over the years has been mostly in smaller chunks. Short stories, contests, poetry, blogging, and lots of songs have made up the bulk of it. I used to work under a screen name as The Merry Lurker, when my old blog was active. Nowadays I'm getting back into blogging with Sierra's Column, this time as myself.

I've also done a lot of online roleplayng-- mainly Star Wars stuff. Yeah, yeah, I'm a geek. I played on Starsider back before SWG got shut down, and recently got back to RP on Ebon Hawk in SWTOR. It may not be super serious writing, but it's a lot of fun, and makes writing come much more naturally. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to relax with writing something frivolous, without feeling like they're wasting time.

....Oh, and if you're on TOR, go to Ebon Hawk. We need more RPers over there! :D

Anyway, now that you know who I am, I look forward to seeing what the rest of the community is about! Of course, any critiques and suggestions are welcome, too, so don't worry about offending. After all, we're all here to learn!
Blog - Sierra's Column
Webcomic - MOROCHEY
Facebook - Sierra J (Writer)
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