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  • Vampire on the Orient Express (Avery and Carter Book 1) by Shane Carrow:

    Paris, 1914. American adventurer Sam Carter boards the Orient Express, departing France in style after an impulsive decision to desert the Foreign Legion. British diplomat Lucas Avery is already nursing a drink in the smoking car, resenting his assignment to the distant…[Read more]

  • The Albion Initiative by George Mann:

    George Mann’s Newbury & Hobbes steampunk mystery series concludes in this thrilling final volume as our Victorian special agent heroes discover a grand plot to that threatens the state of the world.

    The time has finally come.

    Queen Victoria has given the order for her agents to move against the Secret…[Read more]

  • The Dirty South by John Connolly:

    It is 1997, and someone is slaughtering young black women in Burdon County, Arkansas.

    But no one wants to admit it, not in the Dirty South.

    In an Arkansas jail cell sits a former NYPD detective, stricken by grief. He is mourning the death of his wife and child, and searching in vain for their killer. He cares…[Read more]

  • Seed by Ania Ahlborn:

    With nothing but the clothes on his back—and something horrific snapping at his heels—Jack Winter fled his rural Georgia home when he was still just a boy. Watching the world he knew vanish in a trucker’s rearview mirror, he thought he was leaving an unspeakable nightmare behind forever. But years later, the bright new futur…[Read more]

  • The Sound of Breaking Glass (and other weird tales) by Christine Makepeace:

    Do you know what it means to be haunted? To lose yourself in a world where you don’t quite fit? This selection of stories proves that the emptiest rooms can often be the most crowded.

    With its titular novella acting as anchor, “The Sound of Breaking Glass,” an atypical…[Read more]

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  • Mr Stoker & I by Becky Wright:

    My name is Miss Lucinda Meredith.
    Please, come sit with me a while, let me tell you my story.

    It was the Summer of 1890.
    Theatre manager and writer, Mr Bram Stoker, arrived here in Whitby after an arduous theatre tour of Scotland. It was to be a welcome respite before his return to London. What he discovered was…[Read more]

  • The Cottingley Cuckoo by A. J. Elwood:

    Rosemary’s Baby meets Laura Purcell’s Bone China in a dark British fairytale…

    Captivated by books and stories, Rose dreams of a more fulfilled life, away from the confines of the Sunnyside Care Home where she works to support herself and her boyfriend. She hopes the situation will be short t…[Read more]

  • The Rust Maidens by Gwendolyn Kiste:

    Something’s happening to the girls on Denton Street.

    It’s the summer of 1980 in Cleveland, Ohio, and Phoebe Shaw and her best friend Jacqueline have just graduated high school, only to confront an ugly, uncertain future. Across the city, abandoned factories populate the skyline; meanwhile at the shore, one…[Read more]

  • The House of Little Bones by Beverley Lee:

    He thought he was untouchable.
    David Lansdown, esteemed British horror writer and supernatural sceptic, is used to basking in the glow of the press…
    Until a hastily snapped photo hits the headlines and makes his affair with his publisher’s son public.
    When David finds himself at Bone Hollow, a house wit…[Read more]

  • The Tangle Box by Dave Kavanagh:

    At the centre of this novel is a suppressed memory of the day Maria and Caroline O’Neill disappeared. In returning to his childhood home, Dan O’Neill attempts to recall what happened there and the consequences that followed.

    At its heart, The Tangle Box is a story of hope and triumph, that has captivated its…[Read more]

  • Daughters of the Oak by Becky Wright:

    The English Civil War. The Royalists of King Charles I and Cromwell’s Parliamentarians battle, both eager to lay claim to a tattered country, where life has become cheap and death trivial.

    Though, for the lowly commoner, a greater, far more devious war rages. It threatens the souls of the weak, timid, and…[Read more]

  • Hold My Place by Cassondra Windwalker:

    Obsession never dies.

    When librarian Sigrun falls head-over-heels for the sophisticated and very married Edgar Leyward, she never expects to find herself in his bed—or his heart. Nevertheless, when his enigmatic wife Octavia dies from a sudden illness, Sigrun finds herself caught up in a whirlwind romance w…[Read more]

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  • Absynthe by Brendan P. Bellecourt

    Some it kills. Others it transforms. See beyond the illusion.

    The Great War has been over for years, and a brave new world forged. Technology has delivered the future promised at the turn of the century: automata provide, monorail trains flash between mega-cities, medicine is nothing short of magical.

    Liam grew…[Read more]

  • A History of Wild Places by Shea Ernshaw:

    Travis Wren has an unusual talent for locating missing people. Often hired by families as a last resort, he takes on the case of Maggie St. James–a well-known author of dark, macabre children’s books–and is soon led to a place many believed to be only a legend.

    Called Pastoral, this reclusive community…[Read more]

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