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      My life lately…

      On July 17th I had a major heart attack. The doctor said two more minutes and I would not have survived. Every time he looks at my paperwork he says ‘oh yes, I remember that one. A tricky one.’ Three stents later and I’m back home. But here is how the rest of July and August went:

      1. Hearing Aids. You guys (of course) have no idea how much I needed these. It’s been wonderful! But very expensive. Ack. Even so … I can hear myself typing. I can hear my cats purr. I can even hear Russ talking to me from another room.

      2. Cataract and lens replacements for my eyes. Wow. I won’t have my new glasses for a month, giving the eyes time to heal. The doctor fixed some huge problems, and I can actually see things without the glasses, just not clearly. I can’t wait to see how the photography goes once I get the new glasses. Counting down the days. And grateful for autofocus cameras. And I am writing this without any glasses. The words are blurry, but I can read them. I couldn’t even find the screen without my glasses before this.

      3. The heart stuff seems to be doing fine. The doctor doesn’t want to see me for six months on that one. The only odd thing is that I’ve lost all interest in food. I’m working at getting it back, but I’ve lost about 15 pounds, so it is not all bad. I try to remember to eat something every day.

      So, that’s been my month. Scary and exciting!

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        Wow, Zette, you’ve had a rough couple of months! I’m glad you’re up and healing.

        Um, yes, please do remember to eat every day!

        Happy writing,
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      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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