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    You make good points, Zette.

    When I’m not writing, it’s usually because stress in my life has turned off the creative side of my brain. Whenever the stress level goes down, stories, characters, ideas pop out and I need to keep a notebook to hold them all. Whenever the stress level rises above a certain level, it all stops and nothing gets it going but reducing the stress.

    I’ve ditched my creativity-killing job, except for around 7-10 hours a month of writing/editing/publishing a newsletter and maintaining the web site, both of which have enough creativity to them to keep me creative, rather than killing it. So, I have a NaNo novel percolating.

    And I plan to come by more frequently. It’s wonderful to have a calmer life and more time for the creative staring at the walls that lets me follow my characters around and discover their stories.

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    Fear, real and irrational, plays a lot into why I don’t write. I fear that what I write isn’t what I want to be conveyed. I fear that the finished product will look nothing like it does in my head. (I’m learning that this is okay! Editing is a natural – even essential – process of writing.) I fear that I will be mocked by family and friends, that what I’m doing isn’t worth the time or effort. I fear that I really may not be good at it, that there is no hope for improvement – which is silly because we can all improve our craft. I fear that if I don’t have writing, I have once again lost all concept of “self,” so in order to avoid losing myself, I don’t write. (It’s some circular reasoning that I haven’t quite figured out yet.)

    In the past year, I haven’t written as much as I’d like because I haven’t found a schedule that works for me. I’ve moved, graduated from college, tried to find work, gotten pregnant, joined a program of recovery from addiction, and between all that, I haven’t made writing the priority it needs to be.

    There are plenty of excuses in the book for me to NOT write. My daily goal is to find an excuse TO write and make that happen.

    Zette, nudge noticed and appreciated!

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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