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      We are going to put the challenge on the Reading Board and not another sub-board. To take part in this year’s reading challenge, simply start your own thread and then post to it any time that you want to add a book to your list.

      Site Rules:

      First, please read the Terms of Service. Failure to follow these simple rules can result in removal for the site.

      Board Rules:

      You can add to your list of read works in two ways:

      Start your thread, and when you have read something, post a reply to the thread and list the book in it.

      Or you can edit your original post and add the book title to a list there.

      Any book you finish in 2012 counts, even if you started it in 2011.

      The official challenges are for either 50 books or 25 books, and you can note that in your post as well if you want to join one of those two sets. Otherwise, you can set your own goals.

      Have fun and good reading!

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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