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    April Larkin
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    I was a member of Forward Motion years ago, and I kind of fell out of writing. I quit doing NaNo, I quit all the writing sites, and I tried to control the impending trainwreck that was my life. Now that all THAT’s over, though… I miss writing. I think this and NaNo are the only sites I used to haunt that still exist. So here I am. Hi.

    Save yourself.

    Magic Seeker
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    Hi April! I’m glad you found your way back!

    I hope we can help you meet your writing goals. The site has been quiet lately, but maybe you can help liven it up. 🙂

    Happy writing,
    Deb Salisbury
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    Hi, April. It’s a good time to be rejuvenating those writing urges. Things might be quiet, but there’s the daily exercises, goals, and challenges just waiting for you to set down your mark :).

    I’m around, but not very. Working on that myself.

    She remakes mechanical devices, and he dreams of becoming a steamship captain in The Steamship Chronicles. Book 1 is free in eBook.

    Ashe Elton Parker
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    Welcome back, April!

    The site’s undergone a lot of changes since the 2010’s. We’ve moved I think twice and are still getting settled here. As has been said above, it’s kind of slow here on the boards, but chat is going strong. Though there is a page where you can access chat, it’s also accessible by signing up for a Discord account–it’s free, and it comes with an app. You can find the app and information about Discord here. Come join us for chat; there’s almost always someone in chat most days/nights (me), and it would be a pleasure to see you there!



    Ashe Elton Parker
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    April Larkin
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    I’m so glad to see people here! I didn’t notice the dates on the forum posts til after I made this one, and I was worried I was coming back to another dead place. I’m glad to be wrong. Thank you all for the welcome!

    Save yourself.

    Dreamers Cove
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    Welcome back!

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