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    Welcome to the land of Eredhar, fair traveler. The bards spread tales and stories, songs of glories, throughout the five proud kingdoms.


    Wars of Eredhar is a series of books, currently under development by the Romanian newcomer Andrei Alexe. It is a fantasy novel, consisting of two parts, Wars of Eredhar : The Descendants and Wars of Eredhar : The savior. It takes place in the fictional universe of Eredhar, a land full of secrets, mysteries and adventures.

    Wars of Eredhar : The Descendants is the first part of the Wars of Eredhar duology. The story follows the lives of the descendants of the five kingdoms: Luna, the last of her kind; Tybious, the arrogant and self-centered prince; Swenda, the feisty rebel; Aselajhar, the assassin of the night and Sersis, the descendant of the Kingdom of Lufia.

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    The first part of your post sounds wonderful — one author talking to others about their work. The end sounds more like a sales pitch, and we’re not really big on people who come in and post links right off instead of getting to know the community. If you want to go back and add it to your signature, that’s fine, but I’m removing the link from the actual post.

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    Cool map, Andrei. :)

    Please remember we are all here to learn more about writing, and to support each other along the way. People will report you as spam if your posts simply advertise your books.

    Tell us about your writing adventures, too!

    Happy writing,
    Deb Salisbury
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    Cheers for both of you for letting me know. I never intended to make it sound like a sales pitch haha. I just wanted to provide a way for people to find out more about this project, for there are so many things to be told about it. But again, thank you for the heads up!

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