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    Spam message from moureen maxwell arrived about half an hour ago, can’t copy and paste it properly as I’m on my phone 😖

    Magic Seeker
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    I got one, too. It says:

    Hi Magic Seeker,

    moureen maxwell sent you a new message: “Hello Dear.”

    Good day and how are you my dear!
    It’s my humble pleasure to meet you today,My Name is Mrs.Moureen Maxwell,am 47 years old woman.Please I have something very important that i will like to share with you,If you don’t mind my email address is [moureenmax147@gmail.com] contact me with my email so that we can talk. Thanks and I wait to hear from you soon.

    Happy writing,
    Deb Salisbury
    The Mantua-Maker, Quality Historical Sewing Patterns and Books

    The Art of the Hoop: 1860 - 1869, Dress, Sewing, and Clothing Care Advice

    Dead Wizard's Loot: Wizard Whitewing #1

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    I got all excited for a moment thinking a long lost relative was leaving me billions of African dollars. Ha!

    I wonder why a spammer would not take more care and make a space after a comma or full stop. You would think that writing to a bunch of writers would warn the scammer that we will quickly realise the poor spelling and punctuation was false.

    Total Spam! 🙂

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    I got that spam, too. 🙁

    Dreamers Cove
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    Account deleted!

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