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      We’re here. Actually checked in the other day, but haven’t had the time to do a “proper” intro.

      Udo, or Piuthair Udo if you want the full name, is a pair of sister, Shayron and Kat (or Wyldkat), who live in Northern Virginia. Shayron is a former U.S. Airforce Officer and currently does wildlife rehabbing (emphasis on bats. She’ll happily share pics if anyone asks.) Kat is an ex-cop who is now a wage slave doing data entry and is a research nut. Between us, we have a wealth of interests and information.

      Mostly we do derivative works (fancy name for fanfic) but we do have an original novel done, Winds of Desperation. It has stalled out in the editing phase but it has not been abandoned. There is also an outline for a second book that is a sequel to WoD, plus a few notes for additional books.

      The hope is to see WoD in hardcopy, but realistically, we know that might not happen. But, with the opening of new markets comes a chance to fulfill a lifelong dream to take the stories in our heads and share them.

      Our main genre currently is urban fantasy with overtones of mystery. One day we would like to get a decent science fiction story done, since both of us have been SF fans since we could read. Unfortunately, to date, that is still just a pipedream. {When your favorite author is RAH, anything less than “Starbeast” isn’t worth showing. ;) }

      Okay, enough babbling. We’re mainly quiet lurkers, only popping in when there is something worth saying, but we’ll be around.

      Happy Writing! :cheer:

      Two acting as one

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        I’m glad you guys made it here. Congrats on getting the draft done. Revising is a whole new skill set. It takes some time to get get comfortable with it. Good luck!


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          Nice intro! I think it’s great that two sisters can collaborate and not kill each other. :P

          I would love to see some SF from you, as well. Who knows, a plot bunny (or more) may come nip at your heels sooner rather than later. Or later, rather than sooner. Hmm. Well, at some point. If so, I would like to read it. :)

          Welcome to the new FM boards!

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