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    1. A Plague of Rats
    2. Ada Nish Pura
    3. Beware the Wrath of Bunny Hopper
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    6. Cougar: Home Run (4)
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    12. Devlin’s Team 3: Medusan Mutation
    13. Devlin’s Team 4: Missing Persons
    14. Devlin’s Team 5: The Aldebaran Stop Over
    15. Devlin’s Team 6: Legend
    16. Devlin’s Team 7: Pavo
    17. Devlin’s Team 8: Wolf Pack
    18. Devlin’s Team 9: Honor Bound
    19. Don’t Go Home for the Holidays
    20. Dyfed and Shannon 1
    21. Elves in Space
    22. Eye of Orantis
    23. Faneh-Thenyal 2: Return to Faneh-Thenyal
    24. Farstep Station
    25. Feather in the Wind
    26. Fighting for Strangers 1: Prince of the North
    27. Fighting for Strangers 2: Journey to Rosewood
    28. Futuristic
    29. Glory Dreams Eternity: Glory
    30. Home: Year 1: Crash
    31. In the Service of the Queen
    32. In the Shadow of Giants
    33. Infiltartion
    34. IWC 1: Vita’s Vengence
    35. IWC 2: Badlands
    36. IWC 3: Rat Pirates
    37. Journey to Winter
    38. Kat Among the Pigeons
    39. Legend Makers1: Kinship
    40. Legend of Tom Luck
    41. Living Among Them
    42. Living in Caine’s Hold
    43. Loyalty Treason Honor
    44. Mirrors
    45. Mirrors 2: Reflections
    46. Muse
    47. Newsline 1: News from the Front
    48. Newsline 2: Star Bright
    49. Octavian of Keris Station
    50. Of Things Dreamed
    51. Outsiders: Sleeper Awake
    52. Paid in Gold and Blood
    53. Peri: Gift
    54. Peri: Journey
    55. Progressions
    56. Resurrection 1: Chance and Change
    57. Resurrection 2: Trouble and Trust
    58. Ruins
    59. Second Chance
    60. Serendipity Blues
    61. Shepherd Boy
    62. Silky 1: Silky
    63. Silky 2: Lord of The Land
    64. Silky 3: The Queen’s Champion
    65. Singer & St. Jude 1: Lost Cause
    66. Singer & St. Jude 1:Bad Connections
    67. Singer & St. Jude 1:Just Killing Time
    68. Singer & St. Jude 1:Rachel Weeps
    69. Sol-Altair
    70. Sooma 1
    71. Speaking of Shadows
    72. Storm
    73. Summerfield 1: Summer Storm
    74. Summerfield 2: Autumn Winds
    75. Summerfield 3: Winter Warning
    76. Summerfield 4: Spring Break
    77. Tales from the Grey, Season 1
    78. Tales of Tygen: Water/Stone/Light
    79. The Dark Staff: Aubreyan
    80. The Dark Staff: Brendan’s Song
    81. The Dark Staff: Crystal and the Stars
    82. The Dark Staff: Dacey’s Dream
    83. The Dark Staff: Eliora’s World
    84. The Dark Staff: Freedom and Fame
    85. The Dark Staff: Gathering
    86. The Dark Staff: Hope in Hell
    87. The Good People of Coralville
    88. The Path 1
    89. The Servant Girl
    90. The Time and the Place
    91. Touched by the Wild
    92. Waiting for the Last Dance
    93. While the Queen Sleeps
    94. Whispers of the Past
    95. Whispers of Winterwood
    96. Working for the Guild
    97. Written in the Sand
    98. Xenation: Draw the Line

    Some of these novels (and I have even more shorter works) are far better than others. That’s the way it should be. You learn by writing and trying new things. If you don’t write, see what you don’t think works, and try something new the next time, you simply will not get better. All of these novels are completed in at least the first draft and every one of them had their own problems and taught me new techniques. I am within a few thousand words of finishing novel #99 and I’ll start #100 in about a week.

    You learn how to write better by writing. Not by talking about it and not by poking at stories and never finishing them. Writing is more than creating a perfect line. All the lovely lines in the world will not make a book if you don’t have a plot, a start and a finish.

    So finish things. Examine them and figure out what you can do differently the next time. Give yourself a chance to learn. All art takes practice, and in story creation that means more than simply writing a few words. You need to learn how to tell the entire tale. So go apply yourself to finishing things and learning from them.

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    Absolutely, though I’d add you learn to write better by writing and editing. I don’t have as many as you do, but I have many more rough drafts than I have polished stuff and the more I edit, the more I learn what to do better in the next rough draft :).

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    You amaze me, Zette. You also give me something to aspire to! LOL

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    Thanks for the inspiration, zette! And also for the necessary kick in the butt I need to seriously return to writing. I’ve been slacking lately.

    • Topics - 580
    • Replies - 887

    Oh, that’s a good point! I keep forgetting that some people consider writing and editing as different things. For me, it is all part of writing a book.

    • Topics - 561
    • Replies - 15,569

    Well, the line between them was much more distinct when I hated one and loved the other…but I’ve matured a bit since then ;).

    She remakes mechanical devices, and he dreams of becoming a steamship captain in The Steamship Chronicles. Book 1 is free in eBook.

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    Awesome! How long has it taken you to write all these?

    I agree – finishing things is really important. Finishing the first draft isn’t good enough either. Finishing as in revise and get them out the door where someone else can see it.

    • Topics - 580
    • Replies - 887

    A couple of these are from back in my teens (and there are others I didn’t list because I don’t think I could ever rewrite them into anything presentable). Most of them are from the last twenty years, though.

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    Heinlein’s Rules in action. Well done.:-)

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    “Most are from the last twenty years.”

    Wow. Just…wow.

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