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    Linda Adams
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      I went to critique group last night and discovered that someone had dropped a Molotov Cocktail in the area. Thankfully, the guy didn’t know what he was doing, but the food court was pretty well shut down. McDonald’s was even closed.

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        Oh Wow. never thought writing was so dangerous. Mind you some critiques I’ve seen (not on FM I might add) might warrent some form of violence.

        Now, did you stick around and take notes?

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          One thing you have to be ready for when using a writing group is flame wars! :P

          But in seriousness, gosh that’s scary. All the best!

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            Hope everyone was okay.

            (Okay, cynical thought: No loss the closing of McDonalds. Sorry, I had to say it.)

            I agree though, flames wars do appear at times when dealing with some Critiques. Especially when someone gets their shorts in a knot.

            Did any detective offer good notes?

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              So glad to hear that didn’t turn into the nightmare it so easily could have!

              I’m with the others in wondering — did you take notes to use in a story later?

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                I’m glad it happened prior to your meeting.

                David Anthony Brown
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                  Gives new meaning to Night of Writing Dangerously. Glad nobody was hurt. Maybe this is fodder for a story?

                  Linda Adams
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                    We outlasted most everyone there — it was almost 10 by the time we left.

                    And I’m always watching for opportunities for things to use in a story. Maybe I could turn this into a magic Molotov Cocktail. Hmm…

                    Wandering Author
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                      That seems more than a little extreme. I don’t particularly like malls, but I just stay away from them. I don’t feel any need to attack them. It’s a good thing he managed to mess up (although I’m not sure how you can avoid igniting gasoline when you have a lit fuse) because that could have been a real horror show.

                      At least you managed to stick it out and maybe get some notes for a story. And, best of all, none of you were hurt.

                      J.A. Marlow
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                        Wow, that’s a new risk of going to a writer’s group! Not one I want to see repeated around the world, mind you. We have enough going on in our heads already, we don’t need things like this to add to it. :P

                        J.A. Marlow
                        The String Weavers, Salmon Run, Redpoint One series.

                        Writer alter-ego of Dreamers Cove

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