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    Michael E. Walston
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    it’s akin to the haiku

    god knows there’s no money in it…

    the idea is to generate attention and response in a positive way using as few words as possible.

    as an example, here’s a post I wrote on the “Keyboard corner” forum under the title (and titles are important!) “my little kitty cat likes my singing”:

    As many absent minded people are wont to do, I sometimes break into song without really realizing I’m doing It.

    Lately I’ve had the Moody Blues “You Can Never Go Home” in my heart and in my thoughts, and sometimes I will just sing a line or two:

    “I don’t know what I’m searching fooor…

    “I never have opened the dooor…”

    Invariably when I do that my little kitty cat will jump on my chest and knead my skin with her claws and bump her head on my face in seeming ecstasy.

    I don’t know if it’s my voice she likes or that particular song…

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