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    Those of us sitting in chat and writing are often leaping up to go get more tea. There are a few coffee drinkers, but not many, and rarely someone drinking something else. So what is your favorite writing-related beverage?

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    I actually prefer Mountain Dew if given the choice but that’s really bad for me so for now it’s Iced Tea. Either really heavy on the sugar or with some sort of lemonade in it because I don’t like the taste of it.

    I can’t drink coffee at all. For some reason the merest taste of it makes me gag.

    Ashe Elton Parker
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    I primarily drink tea all day, though I have been known to start my day with coffee (particularly if I’m staying at Mom’s for the weekend), but, during the day, it’s tea.

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    Coffee. I use it strategically, but the caffeine helps my mind focus. My coffee is a bit weird, though. Either cold brewed, with lots of sugar and milk in there, or instant espresso in milk. Either way, iced. Even in winter. It’s more coffee milk than normal coffee. But, hey, it works for me and it makes me happy…

    Edited to add: I do like tea, especially black tea. I drink a decent amount of it, in fact. Good Assam when I can get it. But that isn’t a drink I use for writing. It’s much too lacking in caffeine for that. (Both the cold brewed coffee and the instant espresso I use let me take in about as much caffeine as it’s safe to do.) Even when it comes to tea, though, I like it strong and black, or perhaps a nice spiced chai. However, in spite of liking what amounts to coffee milk when I’m having coffee, I loathe milk in tea. Perhaps that’s because the milk gets so watered down. (I also drink whole milk, from Jersey cows, and can’t stand the chalky water most people think of as milk, so there’s a theme to my tastes.)

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    Water. Then tea. Then, maybe coffee, but it’s a distant choice.

    Magic Seeker
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    😆 Coffee in the morning, and tea at lunch and supper. I got addicted to coffee at my last job, where it was impossible to make a decent cup of tea.

    Happy writing,
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    I don’t drink tea or coffee. I love a good milo (Australian drink, sort of chocolate that you mix with milk, but better), but it’s not really for writing. I tend to stick to water (if anything) while writing.

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    When I started writing, it was soda. Cherry Coke, Mountain Dew, Dr Pepper… Any of those would keep me going. Until I started learning what all those ingredients did to the body (not to mention the effects on my dental bill! EW!)

    When Oct 23 rolls around, I’ll be 1 year since I last drank a soda. (It’s been hard, too, considering I used to drink 2 20oz bottles a day at one point.)

    Now, I reach for teas. Snapple was a preferred drink, until the green tea in Snapple also started causing issues…

    So I’m to Pure Leaf or home brew.

    Coffee… I can’t stand the taste, though the smell of the grinding is pleasant.

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    I don’t like tea or coffee. Not even the flavored kinds. I’ve tried a lot and never liked any of them. I drink water most of the time, or else chocolate milk or pineapple-orange juice.

    I do love the smell of coffee beans though!

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    I drink coffee only two times a day: day time and night time. :woohoo:

    Occasionally, when I’m doing a late night writing session, I’ll crack open a Red Bull, but I know how bad those are for me. So, that’s only once every few months, if that.

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    When I got married, my bridesmaids threw me a tea party for a bridal shower. Every guest gave me a single teacup. I have them on display and use some of them regularly. Teacups and tea are still considered good default presents for me. A couple of Christmases ago, my husband gave me a lovely cast iron pot (tetsubin), which I brewed loose-leaf tea in this morning.

    Coffee is fine as an ingredient in cooking (makes for some tasty steaks, chili, and ice cream), and I may once in a while sip a mocha (every few years or so), but it’s not a beverage I’ve ever really appreciated.

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    I’m mostly off the soda, but it’s still my go-to if I have to pull an all nighter. Iced tea is my backup.

    Gabriele Campbell
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    Mostly tea here, too, though late at night it can also be wine or a nice single malt. :)

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    I drink coffee in the morning and tea in the afternoon. I write more in the afternoon/evening so I guess my writing beverage is more tea?

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    I like tea and coffee, but I always have trouble consuming them quickly enough to get any effect from the caffeine. Sugar free Red Bull usually does the trick for me, although I try not to consume more than one or two per day on days that I need it, since it’s not very healthy and it’s quite expensive.

    - csquaredverbs

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