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    I haunted FM many years ago. Life stuff happened. I drifted away. Now I’m writing again. I hope to learn a lot hanging out here again. :)

    I write traditional fantasy, but my greatest literary achievement so far is a very nice rejection letter from DAW. I have hopes of finishing my current novel and self-publishing, though.

    So, hello!

    Magic Seeker
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    Hello, Coreada! Welcome back to FM!

    A nice rejection letter is good, but indie publishing is better. Many of us here do. :P

    I hope we can help you reach your goals.

    Happy writing,
    Deb Salisbury
    The Mantua-Maker, Quality Historical Sewing Patterns and Books

    The Art of the Hoop: 1860 - 1869, Dress, Sewing, and Clothing Care Advice

    Dead Wizard's Loot: Wizard Whitewing #1

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    Welcome back to FM, Coreada! I hope you learn a lot here. :)

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