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    I don’t know if anybody will be interested, but I ran into a book called The Battle of Falkland Island. Not realizing it wasn’t recent I down loaded it and found a description of the battle between the German Fleet and the Royal Navy in 1914.

    It describes in detail the various maneuvers of the opposing fleets during the main battle plus some of the difficulties encountered.

    As an ex- RN-sailor I found it fascinating. Maybe some of the members here will find it interesting, perhaps as background material for a romance.

    There’s also a book on the Battle of Jutland where the Royal Navy took a sound beating due, in my opinion, to slackness of the Admirals in the Royal Navy over training. I don’t have too much respect for the so called British ruling class. Throughout the years they’ve has a lot of luck.

    edit: If you download a copy I suggest getting the one with images. The maneuvering can be a bit complex.

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