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    I’m Jessica. I was a (quiet) member of the old ForwardMotion website between 2007 and sometime prior to 2012 (evilninjakitty, I think…I was young, I made poor choices in screen names ;) ). I dropped off the planet somewhere in there, took an extended writing hiatus to get my degrees finished and in order. Anyway, I finished school in August, binge read fiction for a few months, and decided it’s high time to get back in the writing saddle. So I hunted you guys back down.

    I write and read mostly fantasy and science fantasy. I have one completed novel (~100k, shopped and trunked) and a smattering of short stories.

    My new job has me spending ~3 hours of the day commuting in the car, so while I have a desire I don’t have time for the traditional methods of writing and the common suggestions for “carving out” time to write are not viable. So at the end of November, after getting my hands on a digital voice recorder and transcription software, I’ve decided to turn my commute into writing time. It’s… interesting.

    So far I’m limited to brainstorming while I get through the learning curve and reinvent my writing process and figure out how to work with the results of the brainstorming.

    Hopefully this time around I will be more active in the forums and less procrastinatey than last time.

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    Welcome back! Good luck with the brainstorming.

    I suggest you look into dictation software — 3 hours of talking to a recorder in the car could be a lot of words.

    Ashe Elton Parker
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    Welcome back, JL!

    I don’t remember you from before, but most of those years, I wasn’t paying attention to the forums, so I’m not too surprised you’re unfamiliar to me. LOL

    Congrats on finishing your degrees!

    *hugs* on the ~3 hour commute and resultant lack of writing time. I hope the dictation method works for you. Good luck learning the process of writing via speech!


    Ashe Elton Parker
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    Hi Jessica.

    I used Dragon Naturally Speaking for my 2nd and 3rd novels, then gained 2 hours a day when I stopped commuting for work. I loved that program, even with editing all the words I spoke incorrectly. :-)

    I have no idea why I stopped using Dragon and decided to type each story. Think I should look into using Dragon again, to try and increase production of my first drafts.

    You could always get out your old story, do a quick edit, and self publish it. Who knows, you might gain a following of readers who love your work. :-)

    No matter how you work, enjoy the process, and good luck with your next story.

    Magic Seeker
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    Hi Jessica! Welcome back to FM!

    Congratulations on completing a novel and your degrees! :cheer:

    Happy writing,
    Deb Salisbury
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