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    I made it over here, and am happy to be here again. I love all the new discussions that are popping up!

    About me: I just got a job as a high school and occasional 8th grade teacher at a charter school. I teach 9th grade Classical Lit, 8th grade advanced literacy, 10th grade British Lit, 11th grade American Lit, and my favorite: Creative Writing. I will also be teaching Theatre in the spring. This school has a lot of high expectations for both students and teachers, so the writing is a little hit and miss at the moment, although I do try to use the Creative Writing class as an excuse to do some of my own writing. I am also heading a NaNoWriMo after school club, and will be writing alongside my one or two students (I had two, but one of them may be hospitalized for psychiatric issues for 3 years, so she might not be there).

    My big plan is what started as a stand-alone novel and is expanding into a series. It’s urban fantasy with a lack of romance, something I see sadly lacking these days. I like romance, but I also think there are great stories that can be told without a romantic element.

    For NaNo, I’m writing a murder mystery set in a Catholic school. Knowing me, something supernatural will probably wind up causing mischief in it, but at the moment, I’m planning on a normal, mundane setting.

    J.A. Marlow
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    Welcome to the new boards! We’re all still settling in. :D

    It’s great that you are able to bring your love of reading and writing into your job! Although, with all of those classes, I imagine you are kept running.

    Nice to hear that you will be joining us for Nano. I’m hoping for a fun November season of writing!

    J.A. Marlow
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    I’m so glad you made it. I’m glad you found some time to write. You know, you could talk about a love interest that got killed and the MC never got over it, hence why there’s no interest now. Heh. Just a thought. Good luck with NaNo!


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