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      This year I’m resolving to read everything I have on both my sets of bookshelves as I have a tendency to buy more books than I actually read (I’m easily distracted. I buy maybe three books at a time, read one and then read fanfic online for the next several months, forgetting about the other two and then pass the bookstore again and buy more and the cycle starts again). Also I find random books at places like jumble sales which look good when they’re cheap but I sometimes put them aside to read later if I’m in the middle of another book or two, go back to them later and wonder why I bought them and I want to read those at least once to see if they’re keepers or recyclers for the next jumble sale.

      I know some of the books I read will be re-reads but I’d like to start reading some of the series I have in order such as “The Dresden Files”, one of my favourite series which I’m sure I’ve only read half the books I own.

      So I’m going to set my reading challenge at 50 books for the year and see how many of them I want to keep and how many I don’t like/have grown out of.

      First up the Dresden Files by Jim Butcher.

      So far this year I’ve read:

      1) Storm Front
      2) Fool Moon
      3) Grave Peril
      4) Summer Knight
      5) Death Masks

      And now I’m reading:

      6) Blood Rites

      Can’t decide whether to post this entry with the complete list of 50 books I want to read this year and cross them off/update here as I go along into sections like “Read”, “Reading” and “To Be Read” with a long list at any one point in the entry or just to keep updating it as replies to this entry :unsure: .

      Could always use the replies to write book reviews too I guess :S .

      Don’t know yet. Will have a think on that and decide sometime when it’s not almost 2am locally.

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