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      For a lot of us, the pandemic lockdown started a year ago today (March 13). I hope that all of you have come through this time well. Russ and I lost a few close friends, and Russ was without a job for over a year, but we have come through and we’re starting to see things look better. Lockdown and depression, though, made for a difficult year.

      I hope to get more ‘connected’ with my former fun pastimes and enjoy some stuff at FM again.

      And, yeah, I have still written every day … but a lot of it was not pretty.

      Magic Seeker
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        It’s been a weird year. My family has been lucky, covid-wise. We lost my dad to old age, but he wasn’t sick and didn’t suffer.

        The lockdown wasn’t as troubling to me as it was for many — I’m a confirmed hermit, and was glad for any excuse to go out less. 🙂

        I have to admit, I’m looking forward to a “normal” year.

        Happy writing,
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        Ashe Elton Parker
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          The past year wasn’t very challenging for me, socially. I’m very introverted and most of my social life is online.

          I didn’t get Covid, and today I made my appointments for Covid vaccinations at the VA; first one is for this Thursday. Looking forward to getting stabbed with those needles. My main concern has been that I may be an asymptomatic carrier, and there are a few people who I’m in contact with who are in high-risk categories.

          What’s been difficult is watching my wife fall into depression and suffer anxiety due to the restrictions on socializing because she’s a much more social person, though she’s been doing better since we moved to a much nicer place to live.


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