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    Back on the 2nd, as Russ and I were preparing to head out for a little ride, I realized I could hear water running. A lot of water running.

    It turned out that we not only had a major broken water pipe at my house, but it had fallen and taken down the admittedly ancient water heater as well. So suddenly I had a house with no water. The central heat had died years ago and the cats and I had been surviving winters in my small office with a plug-in heater. We’d managed that, but this?

    No water was something that we just couldn’t live through. So, on a cold January night, we began moving the cats, the dog, and some of my stuff to the house next door, which Russ had been using as his office for several years. It has central heat (YAY!) but had water pipe problems of its own. (Both houses are the same age and in about the same shape.) Also, sleeping in recliners did not work for me and I ended up on the floor for the first few days until we could get the bed moved over. Hard, cold floor in the middle of winter — yeah, that was great.

    The cats were freaked out. Buffy disappeared for a while. The dog wasn’t nearly as bad, though she’s finally figured out how to bark. Sigh.

    Things are going okay, but it’s crazed right now. Almost everything of mine is still at the other house, but we’re hoping to make a little room here. We have cold water running in the kitchen now, but still no hot water anywhere in the house. Russ has a miserable cold, so we’re holding off on him doing any more work on the house. I can heat water to clean up and do dishes with, so that’s okay for now.

    I also set fire to a potato in the microwave. Don’t ask. It’s just been that kind of three weeks or so.

    From being ill to this, to fighting off being ill again — I just get the feeling that I’m in for an interesting year.

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    HUGS! That’s a rough start, but I hope it’s getting the bad out in the beginning and the rest gets better :).

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    That sounds quite extreme, Zette. Good luck getting the house and yourselves better. We are currently in a similar situation with a broken boiler so I feel for you.

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    *hugs* Zette! I hope things even out for you soon.

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    Many hugs, Zette! What an awful way to start the year! I hope Russ gets well quickly, and you don’t catch his bug.

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    Hugs, Zette! I sincerely hope things improve soon.

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    More hugs from me. :-)

    I had a similiar experience last year. Had to go to next door neighbour for toilet and shower use for over 2 weeks while I dug down to the root bound pipes in the summer heat. I expect our summer heat was better than your freezing cold winter. All my neighbours stopped by to watch me dig but not one offered to help me dig. Admittedly, some were older than me, so of course they could not climb into the hole to help, or get back out, due to arthritis. :-)

    I thought of some positives for you.

    Once Russ fixes the plumbing in both houses, he will be qualified to fix plumbing for everyone who ask for help. Good cash income. :-)

    Once both houses have new plumbing, you can rent out the one you don’t want to live in, for rental income. Or sell it. :-)

    In the meantime, keep warm, and stay healthy, while you wait for the plumbing to be fixed. :-)

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