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    Fred Phillips
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    I’ve just spent about an hour racking my brain trying to remember the name of this community since I’d gotten so much out of it in the past. I actually ended up bouncing to a couple of old iterations of it before I finally found it again.

    I came to and first joined the group through Holly’s site around its beginnings, wandered away for a while, wandered back, then wandered away, and so on. It’s been quite a few years since I’ve participated in the group, but I’ll hit the half-century milestone in my life this year, and I still have a burning goal that I haven’t fulfilled. That’s to see my name on the cover of a published novel (preferably in raised gold letters, but I’ll take what I can get.)

    Since some of my most productive years of writing came while I was an active member of FM, I’m hoping that’s the case again this time around.

    If I recall correctly, my former membership was under this screen name as well, on the off chance that anyone remembers me. In fact, whenever you see this screen name online, it’s probably me. I’ve been using it since the mid-’90s and haven’t found it taken anywhere yet (except when I’d forgotten that I already had a membership.) 🙂

    Ashe Elton Parker
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    Welcome back, Fred! The main site is pretty quiet these days, except for Justin’s prompts, which are still posted daily. I keep an eye on the site, but nearly everyone else spends more time in the Discord chat. There’s a desktop app, an app for both Android and Apple devices, and a website that can be accessed if you don’t want to try out any of the apps yet; all are free to download/access. Look for and sign up, then join Forward Motion For Writers here:

    FM Discord Read First Channel

    That link will bring you to the Please Read First channel in Discord. Once you’ve gone through the “anti-bot” test of choosing an emoji for your writing, you’ll have access to most of the rest of the FM server there.

    Ashe Elton Parker
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    Magic Seeker
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    Hi Fred! Welcome back!

    As Ashe said, the site is pretty quiet, but please feel free to start new topics and get us moving again. 🙂

    Happy writing,
    Deb Salisbury
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