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    Transparent Linda
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    I didn’t realize this site had moved, nor that my membership would be defunct. So I made a new account (with the same old email addy) and here I am!

    I self-published my first novel a while back, and am currently trying to a) come up with a decent cover (have something in mind, but not sure I have the technical skills to make it happen) and b) decide if I should change the title, and if so, what to. The working title, which I love for the book, is out there in Amazonland, something that I didn’t realize was the case with my first (unrelated) novel, and I couldn’t help but wonder if that was a problem.

    OTOH, this one has a number of other books (mostly not in my genre, SF) with the same title, none with a space-y cover.

    Any thoughts would be welcome!

    Ashe Elton Parker
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    Welcome back, Linda!

    With regards to titles, having the same title as another book could be a good thing. I know of one member of FM whose short/novelette has the same title as a well-known genre author’s novel, and searches bring up both books on Amazon–and people buy her book as well. So, before deciding to change the title, I’d take a close look at what other book(s) share the intended title and make a decision based on the popularity of any other book(s)/authors and whether or not I’d mind having my own book associated with a particular other book.


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    Hi, Linda! Welcome back!

    I agree with Ashe. Unless the other an infamously bad (evil, cruel, poorly written, etc.) book, it might even be helpful.

    The Girl on the Train came out the same year as A Girl on a Train. Both ended up with cross-sales.

    There are only so many good titles out there. And titles aren’t copyrightable. I wouldn’t worry about it. :)

    Happy writing,
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    Transparent Linda
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    Thanks – that eases my mind a lot!

    Now, on to cover creating. (I have an idea in mind, and I think with my dh’s tech support, I may be able to pull it off. Free usable NASA footage background, make a hole in space (like torn) and a picture (can take a close photo) of an eye, and then title and name. Should work…

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    Welcome back. Good luck with the cover. :)

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