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      Hi, I’m Linda Adams. I’m new to these new boards, but not new to Forward Motion. I have a contemporary fantasy story called “A Soldier’s Magic” coming out in a British anthology called The Darkness Within and am working on a Contemporary Fantasy/Action Adventure Thriller.

      I will also be teaching a Back to School class called “Basic Training for Military Culture” starting November 5. If you’ve ever wanted to include a military character in a story, this is your chance to peek inside the culture and ask a vet questions. I was in the army from 1989-2001 and served in the first Persian Gulf War, when it was still new and strange for women to be in the military.

      If you want to see more about military culture, drop by my blog, Soldier, Storyteller[/url]. The house is my avatar was built by my great-great grandfather in 1883 and has been owned by his descendents since — and no one has changed anything since he built it! We’re trying to get it declared a national landmark.

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        Good morning, Linda. I’m glad you found the boards.


        David Bridger
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          Good to see you over here, Linda.

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            Hi Linda, good to see you!

            Congrats on the anthology sale, and I have to say I’m very jealous of the gorgeous house :)

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