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    I have a story (Discordant Harmonies 1: A Pitch of the Scale) that I’m going to be posting on my site and on Wattpad for readers to enjoy. I’m set to begin posting the chapters at any time (with them scheduled to start on my site on June 9th).

    But I have an issue.

    Chraest is a Science-Fantasy world. It has magic, but is actually a planet where humans landed long ago, so it has a different year and hours than our world does. I intend to inform readers of this in a Note Regarding Chraest’s Year at the beginning of the story, but I’m not sure if I should post the note in its own, separate “chapter” on both my site and Wattpad, or if I should tack it onto the front of Chapter One.

    I don’t really like posting them separately, but I want to make it easy for readers to access if they need to, so I’ve set the Note to post on the 2nd of June.

    What would you, as readers, prefer, if you were reading a serialized novel like this? The Note in its own separate “chapter” or tacked onto the front of Chapter One?


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    If it’s clear it’s science-fantasy, it shouldn’t be an issue where you put it, IMHO. If it’s not clear, then I’d put it near the front / earliest access so people can understand that as soon as possible.

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    If you can, try adding a prologue about the initial landing to ground them in the world. People will ignore both note and prologue because…people, but the more interesting it is, the more likely they are to skim then read. I really don’t like when a book starts with all the explanatory text in the front because I have nothing to connect it to yet.

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