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      Hey, this may be a bit weird question. I thought this site was about critiquing isn’t it? How do I find some books to critique on and so on? Or is it just forum?


      Critiquing is done here. The boards where they are done–Critique Connection–are just at the bottom of the page. You’ll have to sign up and do critiques in exchange for crits given you, but we have a very helpful community here.

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        What Ashe said on the location. However, I did want to add that critiquing is not the only thing this site is for. It’s about learning about writing, becoming better, actively practicing, educating ourselves, and then moving into the business side and all the learning and practical aspects of it. This site has a LOT to offer. The “Roving Crit” board and private crit circles are only one part of it. Personally, I like this. It makes us well rounded educated writers. :)

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          Yup. Something in Critique Connection certainly helps; I recommend Private Roving until you find people you trust and like and respect: that way you can see what people are saying about various stories.

          But I also use it as a place to discuss certain aspects of writing, or ask questions or flex my rusty writing muscles (the Zette’s gym exercises are particularly good).

          You can find a place to post and critique writing, but you can also find a place for the other stuff that’s connected with writing. And if it rambles and seems to spread out sometimes, well, that’s often what writing does, too.

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        Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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