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      Hi, my name is Dennis. I love reading many types of books. Nonfiction, action novels, techno-thrillers, horror, suspense. I am writing a horror novel that takes place in modern-day Salem, Massachusetts. Yriter5 has been helping keep everything in my story organized. I will post the first chapter of my novel soon. I will try to review other writings too when I have the chance. :cheer:


        Hi, Dennis. Welcome to FM. YWriter is a great tool, isn’t it? If you just want people to enjoy what you’ve written, you can post a little piece of your writing in Snippets (located on the Motivation Board). If you want a critique, look into Roving Crits (Way down at the bottom under Private Critique Boards — look for the sign up thread).


          Good luck with the horror novel. I like horror. There’s just not enough of them out there.

          Have a look around the site and be sure to check out chat as well. If you have any questions, please ask.



            Thanks for the comments. I will be sure to check those sections. :cheer:


              Welcome to the site!

              J.A. Marlow

                Welcome to FM! We do have a forum dedicated to “Horror and Dark Writings” you may like to become involved with. Have fun writing. :)

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                  Hi Dennis! Welcome to FM! :)

                  Happy writing,
                  Deb Salisbury
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