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    Cornelius Flynn
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      I write Fantasy, mainly, but I have written plenty of other stuff over the years, under other names.

      Currently publishing some of my back catalogue and hoping to catch up with myself by the end of the year. I have another novel out in a few days, four more finished, working on another one, and have to plan one for the first time in years.

      I accidentally wrote the first two books of a trilogy. I didn’t realise they were a Trilogy until I finished the second book and looked at all the unanswered questions from them both, so holding the first two back until I write the third.

      Never had to do that before, so it’s “interesting”. I don’t think I’ve plotted a book since about 2015, and never did a set of three like that.

      All my ‘self published’ stories and novels will be available on KU, under this name, so if anyone has that and wants to read them ‘free’, go ahead. I write them because I can’t stop. 😀

      May the road rise up to meet you all…

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      Magic Seeker
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        Hi Cornelius! Welcome to FM! You’ve been working hard. Congratulations on getting so much work out!

        I find plotting to be a lot of fun. I hope you enjoy setting up your third episode!

        Happy writing,
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          Hi, Cornelius,

          Sounds like a good…if difficult…problem to have. For one of my series, my plan was three internal volumes of three. However, as written, the sixth book is the length of two of the others. Maybe it’ll work as the first book of the final volume, but if not, the first volume is three and the second four. They don’t always listen to our plans now do they.

          On the other hand, good job recognizing the missing closure before your readers did. Good luck with your publications.

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          Ashe Elton Parker
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            Welcome to FM, Cornelius!

            Looks like you’ve got a good foundation of writing behind you. Good luck with the third book of that surprise trilogy, and with getting your other books out!

            You’ll find that FM is a little slow these days. I think the most active boards are Justin’s Exercises, the Goals boards, and the Reading Room, in that order, with the occasional post here and in the Main board. If things are too slow for you here and you have the time, there’s usually someone in our Discord chat during the afternoons until after midnight US time. You’ll need to download the free Discord app for your phone or computer, but signup and membership in Discord is free.

            Once you have access to Discord, follow this link (there are 5 uses–if you run out, just post here requesting another link and I or JAMarlow/DreamersCove will post another). The link should take you directly to the FM Discord chat; just pick yourself a role and come join us in #Writing-Pad: https://discord.gg/ruR4R5ANre


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