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      I’m John. I was here quite a bit, and then I went away for a brain tumour, and then I came back and went away because of cancer. Basically, I’m older than I think and my body is breaking down more than I want to think.

      Anyway. I’m back. As usual, the intentions are good and I hope the followthrough is also good.

      Nice to be back.

      Ah, yes, what I write: spec fic of various flavors, sometimes hard SF, sometimes hard fantasy, sometimes SF as hard as liquid soap, sometimes horror.

      Write now I seem to be writing superhero/supervillain stories.

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      Great at theory, terrible at practice.

      Magic Seeker

        Hi, John! I remember you from way back when. Welcome home!

        (It just occurred to me that that bit of slang doesn’t make any sense at all. Hmmmm.)

        Happy writing,
        Deb Salisbury
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        J.A. Marlow

          Hey there, good to see you again! Sorry to hear about the cancer. Been dealing with that with family a lot lately, and it’s definitely no fun. So, lots of virtual hugs there. I look forward to seeing some of your writing. 🙂

          J.A. Marlow
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          Welcome back! Sorry to hear about the brain tumor and cancer. I’ve had my own bout of cancer, so I know it’s not an easy thing to have to do. Glad to have you back!

          Ashe Elton Parker
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            Thanks, folks.

            Great at theory, terrible at practice.

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