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      Hi. I’m a natural lurker with dreams of becoming a writer since I was a kid. I’ve been slogging away alone (though I haven’t produced work I’d be comfortable sharing yet – I have this thing about only producing presentable, non-first-few-drafts kind of work) and realized writing’s a hard life without feedback and like-minded people to kick some sense into me once in a while, which I know I need. :) I thought it was time I grew up and started getting serious, though I know I’ve got a lot to do to get myself in shape. Joining this workshop is, I pray, the first of that list.


        Welcome. Our kicks will be gentle but well-placed if requested. Writing is a hard life, but I hope you also find joy in it.


          welcome to the site! This is a great place to start sharing your work.

          J.A. Marlow

            This is a great place to for a helpful kick in the pants once in a while (get back to writing! hehe).

            Join in the forum and chat. There are also challenges, dares, and prompts to help us move forward and help us remain productive. Oh, and workshops of all sorts, like the one Linda is giving right now on military life. You found a great place to grow as a writer.

            Welcome to FM!

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            Magic Seeker

              Hi! Welcome to FM! I hope we can help you reach your goals.

              Happy writing,
              Deb Salisbury
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                Thanks everyone!

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