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    Sarah Walsh
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      Hi there everyone. I just joined FM, after being liked here by another member.
      I generally write fantasy, and have been working on the same project for many years. My goal is to get it completely finished and revised in the next few years, and hopefully get it published before I’m 30 (because we all need a goal). Besides a writer, I’m a mom and a teacher. Nice to be here!

      Ashe Elton Parker
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        Welcome, Sarah!

        Go ahead and take a look around at what we’ve got. Sorry we’re not very active, but a lot of us have jobs and/or families and such, so we can’t hang out online very much. Those of us who can get online frequently can generally be found in the chatroom during US late afternoon/evening/night hours. Whether or not you come to chat, we look forward to seeing you here online.


        Ashe Elton Parker
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          Hi Sarah! Welcome to FM! I hope we can help you reach your goals. 🙂

          Happy writing,
          Deb Salisbury
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        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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