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    Kuroi Okami
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    I’m Kuroi Okami, I write hard science fiction and am working on my first novel/ anime series! I have worked from home for years and wanted to connect with other writers of a similar inclination, I just retired and am writing for myself (fiction) for the first time. I’m looking forward to many happy discussions!

    Magic Seeker
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    Hi Kuroi! Welcome to FM!

    You’ve found a site of kindred souls. :) Please do join in our discussions, and feel free to ask questions. We’re all here to learn.

    Happy writing,
    Deb Salisbury
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    Hi Kuroi and Welcome!

    I returned here myself for the same reason. Working from home, we need to have a community to support us. Folks here are friendly and supportive.

    I write science fiction as well, far future mostly. Okay, space opera sort of stuff. I have one novel that I was able to get to the point of typing “the end”. It now sits in the computer’s hard drive as the proverbial “first manuscript.” I’ve moved on to other projects now. Who knows if I’ll ever come back to that first attempt. I do still love the characters.

    Again, welcome.

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    Welcome to the community, Kuroi! 😆

    Kuroi Okami
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    Thanks you guys! Looking forward to some interesting times!

    J.A. Marlow
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    Yay, another science fiction writer! We need more of those. :D

    Welcome to Forward Motion!

    J.A. Marlow
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