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    Formerly known as GrayWolf67 on the old site (and Smoke67 before that), but most probably don’t remember me, as I didn’t post much beyond an introduction… I mainly left entirely because I was disheartened by the loss of the old site’s posts, which contained a wealth of valuable information. Such changes in life are often difficult for me to handle, but I’ve returned in search of some inspiration to reignite my passion for writing, which had been snuffed out some time ago due to depression and various other mental issues. This time, I intend to stay.

    “Shunra” is the name of the other soul/personality with whom I share this body. You may call me Matthew or Shunra, it doesn’t matter to me; we’re not as separate as we once were. As for what sort of writer I am… I don’t give much thought to genre when I begin a story. I just go with it and allow it to develop on its own terms, and the genre(s) become apparent later. After several years of consideration, I believe my main project could be accurately referred to as Paranormal Fantasy.

    I have lofty aspirations as a writer, which I’ve held onto since the age of 9 or so. I love sharing my work and receiving feedback, but unfortunately one of my mental issues I hinted at earlier is extreme paranoia; in general I don’t trust people until I get to know them, so sharing can be hard for me at times… but I’m working to get past this.

    I could go on, but perhaps I’ll save the rest for that writer’s blog I’ve been meaning to start for years but never got around to.

    Magic Seeker
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    Hello, Shunra. Welcome back to FM!

    I agree, it was sad to lose the posts on the old site, but we’re slowly building back up with new and updated information. I hope our efforts here can help you achieve your goals.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

    Happy writing,
    Deb Salisbury
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    J.A. Marlow
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    Welcome back! A lot of us write in many genres, including me. Hey, go with what the story needs. Most of all, have fun writing it. :)

    J.A. Marlow
    The String Weavers, Salmon Run, Redpoint One series.

    Writer alter-ego of Dreamers Cove

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