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      Hello, how do? I was buzzing around the internet and found fm writers.

      I have written mostly nonfiction and have been trying for the past few years to improve my fiction writing. This is not coming as easily as my work as a copy editor!

      I’m considering taking some of Holly Lisle’s courses: plot course and the series course, but to be honest I find her website confusing. Can’t tell if I’m buying a self-guided course or something with interaction. Will be I alone at the computer or overwhelmed by the need to comment on 100 classmates’ contributions?

      Right now I’m feeling lonely in the world of writing and puzzled over what to do to focus on a project that has potential to improve my writing skill and possibly reach publication?

      Is that the sort of topic that people deal with in fmwriters?

      And, by the way, hello to all and best wishes to everyone! :)


        Hi! Sure, we’ll deal with those topics at FM. Welcome, and I hope we’ll be able to help you feel less lonely in the writing world.

        As for Holly’s courses, you can be as alone at the computer as you like or as enmeshed in discussion as you like. I’ve taken both How To Think Sideways and How To Revise Your Novel. I am also a member of the community, but mostly, I work on my own. Sometimes I’ll stop in and see if someone else is experiencing the same things with a particular lesson, and I can either learn from what I read of their experiences or participate in the discussion. All her courses are designed to be completed independently, but she offers the community for people who find value in interaction.

        Looking forward to seeing you around the site.


          Welcome to the site!

          J.A. Marlow

            Welcome to Forward Motion!

            Jean already answered about Holly’s classes, and I agree. You can either do them on your own, or be part of the forum discussion on each lesson. Or somewhere between. It’s all up to you. You do not turn in homework or post your work for critique from others. although a few have shared parts of their work. Such as The Sentence. We had fun sharing those, but again, it’s up to you. I’ve taken several of her workshops and I learned a lot.

            Here at FM, we have the free 2 Year Novel workshop taught by Lazette Gifford starting up in January. One lesson a week for 2 years, and by the end of it, you have a finished novel. You might want to look into that if you have an idea or concept want a little help defining and developing into a book.

            As for book ideas and dealing with the inherent problems in developing them, oh yes, that’s what FM is for. If you have any questions, go ahead and post them to the forum. We have all types of writers here. One of them might have just the right answer for you to help you proceed to the next step.

            As an additional resource, be sure the check out the free emagazine “Vision: a Resource for Writers.” The link is in the header. It has over 10 years worth of writing articles and advice in it.

            Welcome to FM!

            J.A. Marlow
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              The Vision link is in the header — click on Weblogs and More to find it. (Added, because it’s not obviously there.)

              Magic Seeker

                Hi Brenda! Welcome to FM!

                Improving our skills with the intent of publication is one of the main goals of this site, so you’ve found the right place. :)

                Happy writing,
                Deb Salisbury
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