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    I have basically quit my nanowrimo once I realized I wasn’t getting to 50 but I did get 25 and back into writing and led back here, so success and something to be grateful for. :silly:

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    I’m at 18,000 for nano, which is about what I always do. But this year has been more fun than normal. I am thankful for fun and family.

    Magic Seeker
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    I didn’t attempt NaNo this year, but I’m happy with the editing I’m doing instead.

    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. And many thanks to Zette for running FM!

    Happy writing,
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    Ashe Elton Parker
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    I’m about 2k shy of Nano 50k and 3k shy of what I want for leeway in case the Validator undercounts my wordage. I’m feeling far better about my writing over all and my Nano wip in particular than I have in previous years.

    Happy Thanksgiving for all the FM members in the US.

    Ashe Elton Parker
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    Happy Thanksgiving to you too :).

    I’ve always said about NaNo that it is an arbitrary number but I do it anyway because of the focus and drive that can trigger my momentum. So basically, you met the spirit of NaNo if not the word count. Yay for the 25k and even more for being back into writing and here :).

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