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    Hi, my name’s Oren Ashkenazi.

    I recently graduated from the University of Washington’s Editing Certificate course, and am launching my career in developmental editing, but I need work for my portfolio. As such, I am offering my services for free to anyone who has a story they’d like dev edited, so long as they agree to let me use the story for my private portfolio.

    For those not up on the industry lingo, developmental editing is big picture editing. Dev editors look for issues with basic plot structure, whether the story fulfills its promises, whether character arcs are resolved in a satisfying manor, whether the story has enough conflict to hold a reader’s interest.

    I’m a long time reader and editor of all things speculative fiction, so anything that’s scifi, fantasy, or horror is right up my alley, though I’m also up for literary fiction. I accept works of any length, though if you want me to do an epic tome on the scale of A Song of Ice and Fire, the reading time might go up a bit.

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    Hi, Oren,

    What led you to Forward Motion?

    She remakes mechanical devices, and he dreams of becoming a steamship captain in The Steamship Chronicles. Book 1 is free in eBook.

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