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      The new site has come together remarkably fast, and even though there are still some quirks and glitches, it’s looking very good.

      I know there are a lot of things people would like to see changed, but please have patience. We need to make certain the site is stable and not going to create any huge problems before we start doing too much to the infrastructure. Let’s see how things hold together for a couple more weeks before we start poking too much. The site has only been open to the public for four days now. It’s too soon to make any real judgments.

      Do remember:

      We have many boards. Post on any of them that draw your attention, even if it’s only to ask what the board is about. Start discussions about writing and we’ll join in.

      Don’t be afraid to join in the ongoing conversations. If we wanted the conversations to be private, we’d have kept them so.

      If you have any problems with the site, let us know. While we won’t be making many changes to accommodate preferences yet, we do want to know if something isn’t working the way it should so we can track down the problem. (Honestly, this means Mar and Jean most of the time.)

      And remember to have fun!

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        The site is looking good. I’m trying to capture requests in my FM area on Things. I’m bound to miss one or two, but I’m trying to get them all to make it easier to tackle later, so don’t worry about making the suggestion or asking the question — use the Suggestion Box or the FAQ Questions thread (I’ll probably be cleaning that thread up and starting a new one soon, but don’t worry, I’ll make sure I have the information captured somewhere either on a ToDo list or a FAQ entry.

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          It’s looking pretty fantastic! FM is a huge site. Switching things over isn’t easy. But it will be awesome. :)

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