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      Hi! I was trawling the NaNo forums instead of actually writing, and found mention of this website. Gotta say, wish I’d found it a long time ago – there just aren’t enough resources for aspiring writers!

      Looking forward to getting to know you all.

      Anyone else find their way here via NaNo?

      A little bit about me – I love to write, but I’m terrible at actually finishing anything. No seriously, I can never come up with an ending to my stories! So I generally just write until I hit the climax (which is the bit that gets stuck in my head and makes me excited) and then sort of get distracted and wander off, or push through to an ending that I don’t really like.

      In terms of genre, I lean towards science fiction. I’m also an incurable romantic, and my stories always seem to sprout romantic subplots.


      Welcome, Mimbleful! We usually pick up a number of members around Nano season so you’re definitely not alone. Please feel free to post on any of our boards, and take a gander at the Nano board in particular as well as pop into Nano Chat for some support and encouragement. :)

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        Hello! Good luck with NaNo. There are SF stories with romance. If a character can’t love someone, how can they be willing to die for them? Heh.

        Have a look around and if you have questions, please ask.


        Magic Seeker

          Hi mimbleful! Welcome to FM! I’m wishing you great success with NaNo this year.

          If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

          Happy writing,
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          J.A. Marlow

            I’m one of those who found Forward Motion through Nano. Specifically through Zette’s offering of her free Ebook “Nano for the New and the Insane”. She runs a writing site? Oh, gotta see! I’ve been here ever since. :P

            As for endings, have you ever thought of coming up with an ending, and then writing TO it? Just to change things up? Sometimes the creative side needs to be trained on how to do something it’s not accustomed to doing. Maybe try it on a short project to see if it helps at all?

            Welcome to FM! We hope you have lots of fun here. :)

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