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    A few years ago I asked a question like this and printed the results in Vision. Let’s see how people are approaching their writing work this year.

    So please answer this one question:

    What are your hopes and plans for writing in 2014?

    Remember this is writing-related only.

    Ashe Elton Parker
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    I hope in 2014 to move further into outlining whole stories before starting writing them, get to know GIMP and start making covers, and have another excellent and joyous year of fun with writing.

    Ashe Elton Parker
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    Magic Seeker
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    I plan to finish and release my current non-fiction book about historical dressmaking, and I hope to finish a survey on Victorian underclothing.
    And maybe I’ll drag out my fantasy novel again, in hope it’s not as bad as I remember. ;)

    Happy writing,
    Deb Salisbury
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    Wandering Author
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    I hope – and plan, as long as my hand recovers – to spend more time finishing and editing some of the fragments I’ve accumulated over the years. In particular, I’m hoping to finish this year’s NaNo noveal (stuck at 53,000 words thanks to my hand problems).

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    This coming year, my plans are to lay the groundwork for becoming an independently-published writer.

    I’ve begun writing regularly again. I have some work that’s pretty close to release-ready. Since I have some health challenges right now, I’m not able to do everything at once, especially things that are best done all about the same time (such as releasing a book and doing some promotion on it). This year, I plan finish and edit a number of works to get them ready for release, select a name, get a domain and build a website, learn how to make cover images, make a business plan (already started)…

    In short, this is the year I get my act together and start acting like a professional.

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    My big problem in the last years has been that I wrote quite a lot during NaNoWriMo, and hardly anything during the rest of the year. In 2014, I want to finally get my act together and write more consistently. It has already worked quite well in December, so I’m quite optimistic. I have set a goal of 200,000 words for the year which I want to reach. More is, of course, welcome since my plot bunny zoo is growing to scary proportions.

    Weird Jim
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    I have plans, but due to the nature of life, hopes are a bit scarce. My plans are for a volume of short, shorts, and a resusication of some abandoned novels if I can find them. These, if I find them worth it I am thinking of turning into novelettes (or is it novellas) for publication at Smashwords, an option that wasn’t available when they were written a few years back.

    Once again I have the skeleton of a story for the anthology, and here is a hope, hope that I won’t end up in hospital for another two months.

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    I hope to streamline my publication process. I’m picky. I want the formatting on my released titles to be clean, and it’s requiring too much fiddling. So my hopes are to standardize my formatting process so I can focus more on writing and editing…and apparently outlining and writing a sequel to Shafter which I just released.

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    Gabriele Campbell
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    I’m getting contraception pills for my bunnies now. :)

    I want to continue working on Never to Return (the one that got a good headstart during Nano 2012 and some more words this year, but not much in between), take up A Land Unconquered again, try to find a coherent plot for Forged at the Fighting (the 2YN) and do something about that Nechtansmere-Bunny. Stew, maybe. :P Oh, and blog regularly (yes, in a way that’s writing related, since it counts as non fiction).

    No wordcount targets, since those never work for me.

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    I’ve been pretty good every year at pushing my limits despite the chaos in my life. I’m trying for it again next year of course, with a focus on skill improvement in specific areas. I’m participating in Liberty Hall Writing challenges as well as Write 1 Sub 1 and my ever favorite, FM’s own May Story A Day. I’m going to employ a new strategy this year and make 31 this time. (Then spend the rest of the year revising and submitting them.)

    J.A. Marlow
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    I’m hoping to do more in 2014 than I did in 2013. If life will cooperate with me. That’s my HUGE hope. For life to calm down so I can place more time and energy into the fun of writing. In some of 2013, I really really missed that fun.

    2014 is the year I’m focusing on series, whether starting them, or finishing them up. Series are selling the best for me, so it’s time to make use of that knowledge. I want to get out a long-awaited series. Finish the first drafts of a trilogy. Start writing on 2, maybe three new series, with one of them in an entirely new genre.

    J.A. Marlow
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    I hope to finally win NaNo, and maybe write a novellete.

    I PLAN to write an anthology of poems, a few short stories, and at least double my 3k NaNo total from this year.

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    Hopes: to actually get something accepted by an agent!

    Plans: I’ve got a few:
    – I’m going to write and publish a short story a month under my own name
    – I’m going to submit the ghost novella to Carina and Samhain
    – I’m going to revise all three Advent stories
    – I’m going to outline and write at least 3 novels this year.

    Okay, this might be a little ambitious, but heck, that’s what plans are for!

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    I pushed myself very hard in 2013. I accomplished a lot. What I’m not happy with is the self stress I generated by pushing so hard.

    So, for 2014, I hope and plan to back off a little. I think releasing 4 books per year is reasonable. What isn’t reasonable is trying to take so many classes. I may try more to implement, exercise the classes I do take.

    I’m still planning on releasing my Gulliver Station series. Be advised, I’m rethinking that whole series as I type. The classes I’ve taken have made me realize how weak those stories are. I’m prepared to NOT release those books. It’s an example of steep learning curve. Do I release stories I know are flawed or just throw them out there and move on? Where’s the boundary?

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    Maybe posting this will help me stick to it, possibly not :P But here goes…

    Hope: to finish the two 2013 projects: the novella and my nano experiment

    Plans: to make some progress, however small, on both.

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