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      As many of you no doubt realize, our previous version of Forward Motion was old (some might say ancient) and given to sudden bouts of ‘I don’t want to!’ now and again. Being rather old-fashioned, the site had a definite stubborn streak when it came to some of these newfangled ideas, like updated PHP systems.

      Being stubborn and old-fashioned had good points, though. We were not hacked and we had very little trouble with spam, which was difficult to post on the site. Marfisk and JSchara kept the site going for as long as they could. However, we’d known for a couple years that this time would come and we would have to move on. We were looking at new systems. The need to change came rather more suddenly than we expected, but we were not shocked when it did. This was one of several sites we’d looked at for a while, and finally decided this one would work after the three of us did some extensive study. The moderators arrived as soon as we made the final decision that this was the board we were going with and I could get the sections set up for them.

      Then it was time to leap! November and NaNo is a busy time for this site, when we often get new members. We wanted them to come to the new site, not the older one. That meant the final change had to come faster than we expected.

      Our spiffy new site is Joomla! based, a system I’ve been using on other sites, like Vision: A Resource for Writers, for a couple years now. We made a quick study of the Kuneana forum boards for Joomla! and though there would be obvious things we’d need to adapt to, this seemed a very good system for the change.

      So here we are on the new boards.

      What will happen to the old ones? For a short while they will be read-only so people can still find their material and copy things out. We can’t guarantee how long this will last because the system is not compliant with the service provider, and they’re being kind, letting us keep it like this for a while. If you have classes, critiques and such, grab them while you can.

      The new site will mean new adventures as we learn how things work. I hope you enjoy the change!

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