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    This may sound odd and be totally crazy but when you have two big dreams, how do you choose which to focus on? Ever since I was little I have dreamed of both being a successful writer and a successful singer. Now I know both careers are a total longshot but they also both take a lot of dedication,time and work. For a while now I had written off being a singer because I was too old and had kids. But more abd more people are making it late in life and hubby recently told me if I wanted it the family would supporr me. That kind of relit that fire for me. But I don’t want to give up on writing either. I just keep thinking of even if I get successful enough for the lical circuit how will I have time to give both goals the time they deserve.

    Am I putting the cart before the horse? Should I just work on both abd see what happens? As I said I kbow its a long shot bu I’m one of those people that has to considet every possible outcome before I act.

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    I don’t think it’s silly at all. I had to choose between working my goals to become professional artist or an author. I had to make my desicion and so far I’m happy with it. From time to time I still forget myself between the paints and I can’t get enough of any art tutorial that I can find. I was sure then that one thing I will never do is write a book about art, because that’s like doing Bobby Markowitz from Stepfird wives. Yet what I can say is that art and knowing art, loving it, is given me a lot to add as a writer and I’m sure you knowing world of sounds add to your work, too.

    If your family is behind you, I’d say – go for it. If writing is for you, it will never disappear from your life and if singing is what gives you good chills, then this will not go anywhere either. Some of our best works are written by writers, whose age goes between 60 to 80 and the richness of life experience from those books can’t be replaced with audacity and wishfulness of young writers. I still keep painting and I think you should keep singing too. Life will tell, which will be the thing you’ll be known for.

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    I play guitar in a gigging band and know quite a few professional musicians and… well, I’m sorry but if I was you, I would rather be a successful writer than in the music biz, especially as a performer. I know a guy who plays bass in a touring pro band and he once told me it’s a shit business. Really. I don’t have kids but I’m married and even that is enough for me to put my biggest effort into writing because the lifestyle required of the gigging musician is just something I wouldn’t feel comfortable with while in a serious relationship (not to mention kids) because of everything about the music biz NOT related to performing music: the need to promote oneself, performing in sleazy bars and clubs for drunken people who couldn’t give a damn who’s playing for them, the endless setting up and tearing down your gear (although singers don’t need to carry heavy instruments but both vocalists in my band do help set up the PA and lug around other gear), and the hours upon hours spent waiting for a soundcheck that sometimes never comes, waiting for the gig to start, waiting for the performers before you to finish their already late and too long sets etc. etc.

    Writers, on the other hand, do book signing tours, yes, but they work from home. That’s the single most important difference between being a writer and a musican that will always tilt the scales towards writing.

    Then again, I know some people love the musician lifestyle. If you are one of them, go for it, follow your heart, wherever it may take you. I just know what I would prefer. And I do understand the desire to perform music in front of an audience. As you may have noticed, I loathe all the non-music-related crap that comes with being a gigging musician but to me the 30-60 minutes onstage make it all worthwile. As long as I keep it at a level of 1-2 gigs a month, max. More than that and it would require too much sacrifices, take too much of the time I could spend at home with my wife (time we don’t have in abundance anyway).

    For what it’s worth, good luck regardless of which career you choose :)

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